Hymns & the Hymnal

Originally taught as a Sunday school series at the Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah, GA.
I. Theological principles
  1. God—centered
  2. Bible—filled
  3. Gospel—driven
  4. Historically—rooted
  5. Spirit—dependent

II. Criteria for song selection
  1. Is it singable?
  2. Is it biblically and theologically sound?
  3. Is it biblically and theologically mature?
  4. Is it musically appropriate?
  5. Is it emotionally balanced?
  6. Is it aesthetically excellent?
  7. Is it catholic in its appeal? (or demographically comprehensive?)

III. Attachments
1. Outline on Hymnody
i) Hymns of the Patristic & Medieval Churches
ii) Hymns of the Reformation & Second Reformation
iii) Hymns of the 18th Century 3
iv) Hymns of the 19th Century
v) Hymns of the 20th Century
vi) Hymns of the 21st Century
vii) Sounds of the Welsh Revivals
viii) Christmas Carols
2. Where to Begin
i) Psalm list, Family Worship Book, pages 121-122
ii) Hymn topical list, Family Worship Book, pages 191-193
iii) Ten-Year Calendar, Family Worship Book, pages 198-199
3. Helps
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