Classical, Christian, and Covenantal Education
on November 10th, 2023
Classical, Christian, and Covenantal Education...  Read More
Theology On the Go Podcast
on January 16th, 2023
Dr. Johnson was a guest on the Jonathan Master podcast, Theology on the Go" discussing his recent publication, "Who Needs the Church". After listening, return to the bottom of the original article where you can win a free copy. See link at the bottom of this article.“I’m a Christian, but I don’t need a church. Nature is where I find God.” Whatever the stated reasoning, those who avoid church atten...  Read More
Counter-Attack in the War Against Reality
on July 4th, 2022
The June 24 Dobbs decision is not a pro-life decision. It is a pro-constitution (in which there is no right to abortion) and anti-court decisions made by judicial fiat (like Roe v. Wade). It restores the question of abortion to the people and their elected representatives. It is the first check in what has been a tidal wave of victories for liberal, secular, progressive ideology stretching back ov...  Read More
I Will Build My Church - Matthew 16
on June 20th, 2022
Dr. Johnson preached this message, "I Will Build My Church", at Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, Georgia....  Read More
Thoughts on Racism
on June 14th, 2022
Introduction Racism is a scourge upon the human race and a prominent theme in today’s social conversation. Racism is a hate-sin and a hate-crime. Its history is as old as the human race andas intractable as evil itself. Its prominence in American history, from slavery to de jure segregation in the South to de facto segregation in the North is a blight upon ournational record. Its eradication is an...  Read More
Catholicity and Intergenerational Worship
on May 16th, 2022
If anyone qualifies as the godfather, or better, the midwife of contemporary Christian music, it would be Chuck Fromm. From 1975 to 2000 Fromm was the head of Maranatha Music in Costa Mesa, California, the birthplace and source of the contemporary genre in the early 1970’s. He was in the middle of organizing and promoting the hugely popular Friday and Saturday night Christian concerts that were at...  Read More
Love, Justice, and Wrath
on May 16th, 2022
Francis Schaeffer once encouraged us to imagine walking down the street and encountering a young thug beating up an elderly woman. He is striking her again and again as she clings to the purse he is attempting to snatch. Schaeffer asks, “What does it mean to love my neighbor in that situation?” Unquestionably, loving my neighbor means that I use the force (righteous wrath) necessary to subdue the ...  Read More
How to Do Family Worship
on March 2nd, 2022
It is not uncommon for families to be convinced that they ought to do family worship, to want to do family worship, to talk about doing family worship, and yet fail ever to establish a consistent pattern of actually doing family worship. Men in particular seem easily intimidated, seeing themselves as inadequate, fearful they won’t know what to do, or that they won’t know what to say. We assembled ...  Read More
Why Should We Have Family Worship?
on February 9th, 2022
We did not practice family worship in the house in which I was reared. My parents were good people, Christian people, and church–going people. Yet regular family devotions were not a feature of our home. We didn’t pray together, or read Scripture together, or sing praises together.Consequently, when first exposed to family worship it came to me as a new idea. I had practiced personal devotions for...  Read More
What I Did on My Sabbatication
on January 18th, 2022
here is my accounting for my sabbatication  Read More
Understanding Family Worship
on January 1st, 2022
...  Read More
Men's Reading Club
on January 1st, 2022
From 1998 - 2022...  Read More