Inquirers’ Class Synopsis

All of our new members are expected to take our Inquirers’ Class. It consists of seven sessions in which we move progressively, pyramid-like from the church catholic (a mini-history of the Christian church), to the church Protestant (the five so-called “Solas”), to the church Reformed. We call it an Inquirers’ Class because it genuinely is for those who are inquiring, who are searching, who are interested. We make it clear that participation implies no obligation on the part of participants. We explain that many have taken the class and not ever joined, and many have completed the class and waited weeks, months, and in a few cases, years before joining. We may even have served the interests of those who do not join us by helping them to identify the type of church which is more consistent with their desires and convictions. The class is heavily doctrinal by design. We aim at convincing and convicting. Our hope is that those who join with us do so because they are convinced of our message, ministry, and mission. Following our introductory, get acquainted week, the class proceeds as follows:

From the broad base of catholicity we progressively get more narrow, yet always viewing our distinctives in the context of our shared heritage and theology with all of Christendom.
You can find the classes which are taught at Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah here.