Hymns and Psalms for 2022

This year we will follow the same basic calendar of hymns as we have in previous years. This is the second year of the “learn the psalms” format. Last year we sang our favorite 26 psalms (list “A”) four times throughout the year. This year we will sing those 26 psalms once, and add to them 26 new psalms (list “B”), which we will sing three times, once in the morning and twice in the evening. Otherwise, the same principles are in play:
  1. The opening hymn or Psalm should be a great, majestic song of praise
  2. The most outstanding and beloved hymns of the church should be sung twice a year, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  3. Some attention should be paid to seasonal themes including the high points of the old liturgical calendar (the “five evangelical feast days”).
  4. Communion is administered once a month, quarterly in the morning (normally January, April, July, October), and in the evening the other eight months of the year (August communion season has altered this schedule).
  5. A check list is provided for the most usable and recommended hymns. Checks indicate hymns already provided for in the calendar.
A similar approach will be followed in 2023-2024, until 104 Psalms are familiar and beloved by our congregations. Commit to singing the Psalms from the Trinity Psalter in 2023-2024.
Those who would rather sing and read more broadly through the Psalter in 2021-25 may follow the calendars provided in 2017-2020. Those who would rather sing 52 different psalms may then turn to the 2018 calendar; Those who would rather sing just 26 different psalms may then turn to the 2017 or 2021 calendars; those wishing to sing 78 psalms may use the 2019 calendar; those wishing to sing 104 different psalms may use the 2020 calendar.