Case for Traditional Protestantism

The Case for Traditional Protestantism

The solas of the Reformation

This is a timely piece of writing that argues passionately and persuasively for a serious reconsideration of the great scriptural principles that under-girded the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century. Far from being outdated and irrelevant to the church today, Terry Johnson shows that these very principles are the essence of biblical Christianity.
Sadly, the term ‘Protestantism’ has been rendered virtually redundant by years of misuse and abuse. it is seen as being antiquated and irrelevant in this present age of open-mindedness and political correctness. But Terry Johnson demonstrates that there is a powerful strong case to be made for the church to rediscover what this ‘unpopular’ and ‘unfashionable’ term really stands for. Using the great ‘Reformation watchwords’, he focuses our attention on Scripture, Christ, faith, grace and the glory of God in all aspects of daily life. Here is a well-written book, attractively presented and full of rich Bible teaching interspersed with thrilling illustrations from church history.