Liturgical Introductions to Scripture

Might it possibly be the case that some ministers fail to read Scripture in public worship because they feel inadequately acquainted with the text? Might it also be the case that the effectiveness of the public reading of Scripture might be enhanced by succinct introductions to the chapters to be read? Behind the following work is the hunch that both of these questions ought to be answered in the affirmative. It is to promote more Scripture reading in worship services that it is offered.
My ideal is a simple single sentence introduction to a chapter in the Bible. It has proven to be difficult to achieve this ideal, but it has been my goal. Too much introduction takes up too much time, and often fails to illuminate the listener. Simplicity and brevity are best. This is a work in progress. I would appreciate input from you, particularly if you have sources that have a particular genius for brief, succinct, context-establishing and content-summarizing introductions.