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Yes, Scripture Reading Really Does Change People
by Maggie Breckenridge on July 26th, 2021
I grew up in a typical evangelical church of the 1960s and 70s. Specifically, it was the First Baptist Church of Dominguez, a Missionary Baptist Church nestled between Carson and Long Beach, California. It was a Bible-believing, gospel-preaching, altar-call-featuring church connected denominationally with a number of churches in Southern California and the farm-rich California central valleys. The...  Read More
The Excellency of Scripture
by Josh Espinosa on December 1st, 2019
"Glorious things are spoken of thee, O thou word of God. Thou hast changed lions into lambs, ravens into doves, beasts into men, and men into angels. Thou hast subdued headstrong passions, mortified natural and riveted corruptions, tore up old and sturdy lusts by the roots, conquered principalities and powers, let captivity captive, and turned the world upside down. By thee wonders are wrought, th...  Read More
Scripture and Worship: Biblical Interpretation and the Directory of Public Worship
by Maggie Breckenridge on October 28th, 2007
The dust that can be seen swirling in the distance is the aftereffects of Richard A. Muller's scholarly avalanche. He has marshaled mountains of historical evidence to bury the various twentieth century agenda-driven "Calvin against the Calvinist" schemes devised to drive a wedge between the great Reformer and the period known as "orthodoxy" or "Protestant scholasticism" (roughly 1560-1725). Somet...  Read More
Liturgical Introductions to Scripture
by Josh Espinosa on January 1st, 2000
Might it possibly be the case that some ministers fail to read Scripture in public worship because they feel inadequately acquainted with the text? Might it also be the case that the effectiveness of the public reading of Scripture might be enhanced by succinct introductions to the chapters to be read? Behind the following work is the hunch that both of these questions ought to be answered in the ...  Read More