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Theology On the Go Podcast
by Josh Espinosa on January 16th, 2023
Dr. Johnson was a guest on the Jonathan Master podcast, Theology on the Go" discussing his recent publication, "Who Needs the Church". After listening, return to the bottom of the original article where you can win a free copy. See link at the bottom of this article.“I’m a Christian, but I don’t need a church. Nature is where I find God.” Whatever the stated reasoning, those who avoid church atten...  Read More
An Ordinary Means of Grace Model of Ministry
by Maggie Breckenridge on July 11th, 2013
Our spiritual well-being is to be nurtured primarily in the assembly of the whole people of God, led by ordained leadership, under the ministry of the word, with a full-diet of prayer, and the regular administration of the sacraments. These assemblies may not be cathartic but they are solid, and they are what we need most. There are many different ways to “do church,” as we say these days. Multipl...  Read More
Pastoral Malpractice
by Maggie Breckenridge on February 14th, 2012
The extent of the problem is entirely missed by “grace only” preaching. Hypocrites, “false professors”, as the Puritans called them, and the self-deceived, all professing believers, all members of the visible church, have to be taken into account as the church’s preaching even as they are in the Apostles’ epistles.“Cheap grace” is the term that Dietrich Bonhoeffer coined to describe false grace, w...  Read More