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I Will Build My Church - Matthew 16
by Josh Espinosa on June 20th, 2022
Dr. Johnson preached this message, "I Will Build My Church", at Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs, Georgia....  Read More
Baptism & Childrearing
by Josh Espinosa on November 21st, 2018
A part of Dr. Johnsons series, Text that Transform (XIV. – XVI). Addressed on the following dates: November 5, 2017, January 28 & February 4, 2018Ephesians 6:1-4 The revivalistic tradition in which I spent my childhood and youth could conceive of only one type of conversion, what we might call the “crisis” model. One is saved when one understands that one is an unsaved, lost sinner and trusts Chri...  Read More
III. Righteous Joseph
by Maggie Breckenridge on November 30th, 1997
(III.  Expositions of Matthew’s Gospel)Matthew 1:18-25  -  November 30, 1997 The words of this text are among the most well-known in the Bible.  The “birth-narratives,” as the commentators call them, are read every Christmas season in nearly every church in all of Christendom.  They tell the story of the birth of the divine, the Christ, the Son of God, in the child Jesus. But they also tell a very...  Read More
II. Son of David, Son of Abraham
by Maggie Breckenridge on November 2nd, 1997
Matthew 1:1-17II. Exposition’s of Matthew’s GospelNovember 2, 1997 The opening section of Matthew’s gospel contains the list of ancestors which make up the genealogy of Jesus.  This may seem like a strange way to begin a book, one by modern standards almost guaranteed to persuade the reader to give up and close the book.  But the Jews of antiquity were very interested in genealogy.  For example Jo...  Read More
I. Introducing the Gospel of Matthew
by Maggie Breckenridge on October 26th, 1997
Matthew 1:1-17I.  Exposition’s of Matthew’s GospelOctober 26,  1997 Among the gospels, Matthew has been the most used and most influential in the history of the church.  It alone has the account of the wise men, of the slaughter of the innocents, of the flight into Egypt.  It alone records the Sermon on the Mount, a number of the parables (e.g. wheat and tares, yeast, hidden treasure, fine pearl, ...  Read More